We are all energy and vibration. And we are all connected. What is in you, it is in me.

And because of this, we are able to affect one another through resonance and intention in the energy field.

My practice has been to identify and develop this energetic capacity, like you do to grow a muscle when you go to the gym. My own healing work and interest in human development took me to graduate from 7 years of study, I am Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Brennan Healing Integration Facilitator as well as an authorized workshop leader of “Hands of Light”.

In addition, my continuous studies and practice are a combination of personal development, psychodynamics between body, mind and emotions, quantum physics, bioenergy and energy healing and how this is related to our spiritual connection and life purpose.

After many years of success in the corporate world, leadership and abundance in my life, I decided to facilitate and teach this sense of “awareness” and “well-being” to others in order to increase and evolve our consciousness as human beings.

The results are better physical health, clarity of mind, peace, better relationships, abundance and a deeper connection with the meaning of your life.


The importance of having an intention, calling the universe for assistance and connecting with our bodies in movement makes magic happen!

It is an honor to be invited to do the open ceremony and experience at the re-current great event of:

THE MOVE-MENT / BE HERE NOW EXPERIENCE is a thoughtfully curated, all-day mindfulness experience, teaching tools to fully access the present moment, to help people discover ways to be fully present in the here and now through elevated everyday experiences like meditation, movement, yoga, music, etc.

Work with me

Each individual has very unique qualities and desires and at times, have recognized the need to be seen and supported in their life’s journey.

Personal Consulting

In these sessions, there is an invitation for introspection, self-awareness and personal growth where tools of transcendental psychotherapy and energy field…

Energy Healing

These types of sessions are a gentle yet powerful holistic method of clearing, balancing and restoring the human energy field into its natural balance which is…

Restructuring Healing

These sessions are meant for a much deeper personal transformation and inner alignment work, it requires me to connect deeper than the “auric” field and into the…

Classes / Workshops

As a result you will have a better understanding of who you are on a foundational level and open the gates of newness, flow and abundance to be able to bring more of your true passions into your life.

“A Hands of Light” Workshop. A weekend workshop that can change your life.

Learn about the Human Energy System and Hands-on Healing Techniques for yourself and to apply in others.

“Awaken Your Soul”
To achieve Personal Success and Happiness.

A course that is intended to keep awakening your soul in the present moment. Introduction to concepts and…

“Spiritual Empowerment Project”

A community of support and training committed to personal empowerment and spiritual leadership.

“Love in Action” –
Courses / Workshops

These are a series of videos and introspection exercises, which takes you into a journey of creating…

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We are all energy and vibration. And we are all connected. What is in you, it is in me.


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