Learn about the Human Energy System and Hands-on Healing Techniques for yourself and to apply in others.

This is a profound and healing experience that happens in sacredness while learning about connecting with others.

It gives the fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science as well of many experientials for you to know the energy field and how does it feels in your body.

We work in ways to enhance your intuitive abilities as well as how to connect deeply into another for a healing experience.

The Barbara Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of energy work that combines healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes… touching every aspect of your life. The introduction includes lectures, healing demonstrations, self-healing exercises, guided exercises, and meditations. It is well-suited for beginning and practicing healers alike. Those in other helping professions can use these skills for self help in their work.

We each possess far greater inner healing potential than we realize. Come discover how to awaken that capacity:

  • Learn powerful energy healing techniques for yourself
  • Open and balance your chakras
  • Strengthen your energy field
  • Clear blocks to energy flow and conncet to your inner guide
  • Work with your “High Sense Perception”
  • Deepen your intuition
  • Develop skills for self-healing
  • Access the power of intentions, strengthen your internal support system and live your life purpose
  • Consciously connect with Universal Energy through the use of Brennan Healing Science techniques empowering individual and global change.

***This workshop is for beginners and practicing healers alike.