In these sessions, there is an invitation for introspection, self-awareness and personal growth where tools of transcendental psychotherapy and energy field modulation are used to achieve new ways of internal communication, better understanding who you are and the psychodynamics you use in your life. These are all intended to heal, empower, and learn to make choices in alignment with your highest potential.

During the session there is a conversation, both energetically as well as intellectually in order to bring patterns into consciousness. The aim is to expand your true essence into everything you do, and be very clear on what that is and what it feels like, as we all are light, love, and of essence to carry our purpose.

Each session is unique to each individual and their circumstances.


  • physical and emotional wellness
  • improve emotional intelligence
  • enhance intuition capacity
  • heal emotional wounds and relationships
  • break free from sabotaging patterns or difficult circumstances
  • support in life changes and trust in life’s journey
  • being your highest potential

These sessions are confidential and guided in an environment of safety and elevated consciousness.

This session can be conducted in-person, Skype, or by phone.

***I offer 15 min complimentary consultation over the phone if you have any questions about the sessions.

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